Ode to the quiet rebel

Oh you, shy you
Wearing red when everyone else wears blue
writing stories underneath the desk during maths class
pockets full of poems
and head full of questions 
Stay true, quiet rebel, stay true 

Injecting socialist quips into the capitalist force 
hoping for the butterfly effect 
leading by example 
not do as I say
Stay true, quiet rebel, stay true

Ink stained hands balled into fists
when the digital box shows more injustice 
feeling like an outsider
a left among the right
Stay true, quiet rebel, stay true

Keep being you with that quiet strength
that gives the rest of us resolve 
you don’t have to sing or shout.
Don’t worry, I hear your voice 
So stay true, quiet rebel, stay true 
By Kimberly Jamison 

For my favourite quiet rebels : Andrea, Lisa and Lizzie

Blue #342

It was the dark pastel blue of my art set
the sky and the sea smudging together
it was the blue of years to come
the filter over my nightmares
the blue of bruises just about to fade
of veins under sunburn
of the pavement under rain.

You see, its the blue I always avoid.
It’s the blue your face became.

By Kimberly Jamison


How would you have us greet your tyrant?
We greet ours with balls of wool
mulled pigs and fatted wine.
We close our eyes as they devour our land
and tax the air we breathe
every demand concede.

How would you have us greet your tyrant?
We greet ours with the skin from our backs
and rub his feet with the fat from the slaughterhouse.
But will tell you your practices are uncivilised and undemocratic
with our arms roped behind our shoulders
You could learn from us folk.

How would you have us greet your tyrant?
we ask to be civil
crocodile smiles in shiny chains
let’s not start a war just yet
because we know we are the cannon fodder.

How would you have us greet your tyrant?
We would dishonestly like to know
because in the name of democracy
of us have decided
we would like to swap one for another.

By Kimberly Jamison


your glittered face pops up on my screen
my guts coil around themselves
I’ve been avoiding this, your smile, your life
but I know you better than that
this is not how you stand when you’re comfortable
you usually look like a flamingo
but there in all your X Pro II glory you look
and when you’re happy, and I mean when you’re really happy
your eyes crunch in at the sides
but you stand in your squad pose
both feet planted like you’ll fall off the planet
head raised looking behind the camera
as if this wasn’t scripted

Kimberly Jamison