Is Art Dead Yet?

Is Art dead yet?

well you almost did it, you tyrants
whipping us down with red tape and old school ties
subjecting the “plebs” to humiliation
for not pronouncing our words your way
calm down, its just a regional accent
I don’t want to conform to your way
because there be fightin’ words.

And in your proper tone
you tell me I won’t make it
I won’t get into uni
I need a proper job
money money blah
but you didn’t see the notebook under the table
covert creations
you didn’t check the back for secret scribbles
you should have checked
because there be fightin’ words.

You say creativity is dangerous
but you tell such lyrical lies
you can’t destroy the ideas
they’ll only be channeled further
spiraling, morphing, changing
you can’t censor a thing
because there be fightin’ words.

Art finds Art
we shall spot each other a mile off
because we have the same ink stained hands
and the paint splatters that no soap can wash away
and we will go underground if we need to
destroy our a levels
take away our grants
we will write in the dirt if we have to
scream stories till our throats hurt
because there be fightin’ words.

Is Art dead yet?
No. Not ever. Not yet.
Because there be fightin’ words.

by Kimberly Jamison

(poem, prose poem, poemy prose? eh?)
Disclaimer: yes I know the theme is LIGHT but I am choosing, as a poet, to ignore the theme. What you gonna do?

Anthology update

As some of you know, I am one of the project managers of the University of Nottingham Creative and Professional Writing anthology this year.
Last year I was an editor and helped during the submission sorting process. It was this that made me a candidate to help run it this year.
This year however we had an issue of funding as our grant was to be taken away from us. I sent out over two hundred emails and letters asking for funding and got rude and negative replies back.
BUT our amazing course leader and her team managed to convince the funding grant people to let us keep the money that was left over from last year that was due to be given back.
We are still fundraising, and any ideas are welcome guys, so next year’s lot are not put in the same position as us.

Things are looking up.
We are going to publish something amazing.