Who Ourselves

You can find yourself troubled
when neither Sinn Féin nor the queen speak for you
and ‘we ourselves’ becomes absurd because so many died, alone, in vain
Starved, shot, bomb.
Innocence didn’t matter
Omagh McGurks Bar
a bloody Friday every week
even fame had no protection
the Maimi Showband saw that.
All Irish. All people who should have been protected, really
Never should have seen the things they did.
And you look back through the leaves of your history book and can’t find a thing about your past,
you feel betrayed at the things your protector has done
and swept it under the rug
that’s now piled high with debris of their colonial past.
But they do the right thing now, right?
Downing street declaration
Belfast agreement
cease fires up in arms up in flames
peace talks, peace walks
screaming never again,
When you’re neither unionist nor nationalist
and don’t fit into those lines so neatly drawn
you have to ask where is my home
with a passport stamped twice, dual citizenship claiming a life
where do you rest a head reeling in confusion about
Who Started It?

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