A New Year’s Cheer

Here’s to the old friends who stuck around
the ones that made you laugh, made you proud
one for those we’ve loved but lost
who taught us to keep going, keep striving
teaching us the essence of living
here’s to the poets who dont give a fuck
massive vocabulary but still call you “duck”
this is for the ones who thought it would never get better
they fought tooth and nail and made themselves a winner
here’s to the dreamers, the writers, the rebels
those silenced now screaming with a raw hoarse yell
here’s to those who broke, who fell, who stopped
and had to decide whether their path was worth it
worth the hurt worth the pain
and they decided to get up again
those are the ones who make you say “How do they do it?”
“How many hours do they actually have in a day?”
here’s to the ones who threw away job opportunities to follow their dreams
and have absolutely no idea what complacency means
not forgetting a special toast to the new ones who turned up
and the friends you still haven’t met
and even if they haven’t quite worked everything out
raise a glass to those people
because they’re not finished yet.

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