7 reasons I write

1) Therapy: I find writing therapeutic. I like getting my feelings down in some format that I can go back to and think about. Sometimes it is hard to detangle our emotions and experiences and writing it all down can give clarity.

2) Overactive imagination: I am one of those daydreamers. I’m one of those kids in the back of the class who is sitting in a world of their own. If I don’t write then I never seem to enter the real world. I need to get it out of my system.

3) Wish fulfilment: With writing you can live a thousand lives and visit other worlds. You can incite riot and rebellion and fight battles and marry kings. You can live any dream.

4) Words: I love words. I love the sounds they make and the images they create. I love their history and how etymology influences us.

5) Communication: I have a lot of things to say. That’s not to say that those things are worth reading by anyone or my opinion is important but I believe in the freedom of speech and I will say what’s in my head.

6) Reading: I write stories because I love them but also because I passionately believe that children should read more. I want them to get excited about words and stories and characters so I will produce work for some to read. If I inspire one child to read more then my job is done.

7) Compulsion: I write because I have to. It is ingrained into my very being to put words down on a page. Writing by hand, typing on a laptop or even a typewriter. I got a tattoo of a typewriter to even symbolise this. Some people have the compulsion to run, to draw, to cook or to sing. Mine is writing.

By Kimberly Jamison

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