5 things to do to instantly improve your writing

1) Delete all instances of “quite,” “very,” and “really.”

If you feel the need to qualify what you are saying then yu aren’t using the right word. E.g change “really boring,” to “monotonous.”

2) Delete the clichés.

We all use them. They are as common as muck. Get it? Hehe. Sorry. Find another way to say what you want to say. It sounds original and won’t be as boring.

3) Delete adverbs.

For the same reason as the qualifiers, you can use a different and more effective word. Instead of “he shouted loudly,” try “he bellowed.”

4) Delete redundancies.

Using too many words can make text feel clogged up. Saying things like “the whole entire world,” is redundant. Use the word whole or entire.

5) Ignore these rules if you have to.

Sometimes adverbs are perfect.
Sometimes redunancies are effective.
Sometimes clichés are needed.
Sometimes qualifiers are really quite very good.
Use your head. Not every rule fits every piece. But this is a good place to start.

Kimberly Jamison

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