I personally did not find Jimmy Carr’s most recent controversial joke about Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorious funny. I did not really approve of the joke which is why any potential humor there was destroyed. However.

However, I do not think you can condemn Jimmy Carr for telling that joke and “going too far” at the Xperia Access Q Awards. They hired a comedian. They hired a comedian who is known for telling controversial jokes.

Personally I think the Pistorious trial is too close to home at the moment to actually use as joke material however, in a few years I think a lot of comedians will think it is suddenly off limits and more jokes will follow.

I feel for the family of Reeva, especially as it is still so recent, and I think at this time it is inappropriate. However I think it is naive to think that something so far in the public will not be used for material. Lots of other things have had jokes made about them. Terrorism, cancer, kidnappings… lots of truly awful things have been made light of. That is what comedy is.

I am not excusing Carr because I still think his joke was poorly timed, however, I will fight for anybody’s right to free speech. Even his. If you dislike him, use your right to free speech.

The main reason why I think this whole thing is ridiculous is that as comedians they push the boundaries of humor, they like to see how far they can go and what is appropriate and if you didn’t want ANY bad taste jokes told, why on earth did they hire someone who is well known for telling them, being controversial and being inappropriate. If it wasn’t a joke about Reeva, it would have been something else. And that something else would have sparked debate too with some people finding it funny and some not. It just depends how close you are to it, your humor and the situation you are in.

Your choice in presenter was as poor as his joke.

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