Performance Workshop

EnDearing Minds

The launch event is fully booked, the book has arrived, and so there was only one thing left to do. We had to prep our performers for the event, we had to make sure they knew exactly how they were performing their poems and stories, and so we held a workshop.

Meet Georgina Wilding. Not only is she an excellent writer published in this year’s anthology, she’s also an experienced performance poet who has performed with Nottingham’s own Mouthy Poets. Georgina was great at running this performance workshop. We all learned so much about performance and about our own pieces, it was a great experience for all of the performers there.


Georgina WildingDSCF3380

Kimberly Jamison, Elizabeth Cooper and Georgina Wilding discussing their entrances and exits for the performances.

Georgina Wilding watching a performance

Georgina Wilding and Kimberly Jamison discussing a poem

Kimberly Jamison, performing ‘How To Care For Your Pet…

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