We did it!

This video symbolises how I feel at the moment. WE DID IT.

Our anthology is officially on sale on Amazon. Our launch is on the 12th of June, at 7pm at Nottingham Writer’s Studio. All are welcome, it is an open event. As long as you love great writing, witty conversation and amazing performances, then you will love it.

To EnDearing Minds!

This anthology took up so much of my time and effort this year. It caused stress and aggro but the finished product was well worth it. Yesterday the first copy arrived for me in the post. I now understand how mothers get the strength to move cars or fight bears for their children. This thing was my baby. I almost cried. It is beautiful. And actually a very good quality. Flicking through I was again amazed by the work inside it.

I am surrounded my talent all day long, and sometimes I forget how amazing the people are but it is moments like this that make me feel proud.

Happy Reading,

(officially a published poet, short story writer, editor, proofreader, publishing assistant, project manager and copywriter.)

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