Do what you want to do

Amazing post by one of our talented third years on the course.
He is featured in our anthology, which is on sale on Amazon now!

EnDearing Minds

Does anyone else ever feel a schism between desire and obligation? Between what you want to do and what you feel you should do?

I don’t want to assume that this is the case, but, particularly in the last year, this is something that I have experienced and so I thought I’d offer some advice based on that experience.

Upon coming into the beginning of the third year of my Creative and Professional Writing Degree, having spent the previous two years writing poetry almost exclusively, it seemed sensible that I should make my final project one that focused on poetry. So that’s what I did.

Nevertheless, I wanted to do something big. Something whole. Not a collection of short pieces but one coherent project. I decided to write an epic poem. As a subject, I chose to write about Wollaton Hall and the Lenton Flats, comparing them as architectural structures…

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