The childhood eccentricity of a budding novelist, a kick-ass blade wielding protagonist, and The Legion of Dark Angels.

And here it is! My anthology is doing a blog tour with posts from contributors and editors. Everyday running up to the launch on the 12th there shall be a new post! Get reading. Get excited! Get to Nottingham for our anthology. It will be amazing.

EnDearing Minds

I have always found it so incredibly difficult to pinpoint the exact moment a story comes to me – at least with a fair amount of my stories. The transition between initial idea and development happens so fast it’s unnerving. I can zoom from A – Z as though Chris Hemsworth is waiting for me at the end, (I reckon as soon as I finish the novel he’ll come knocking on my door to whisk me away via magic carpet, courtesy of Aladdin.)

I can’t exactly remember how I even developed The Legion of Dark Angels. I have this vague memory of the title manifesting through a dream, but I do know that the protagonist Rex was conceived from a multitude of sassy dialogue badassery coursing through my mind – making me crack up with laughter in random places – until they morphed into the one and only Rexulana Dubois.

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