Dipping a toe into the independent publishing world

I have had previous experience with independent publishers through getting various poems published however the world of independent publishing still remained a fascinating mystery to me. I could never quite believe that people would give up their lives for the art of something rather than the profit. To me it was lovely thought but not quite realistic. I am far to cynical for my twenty years on this earth.

However this was all until I had to write yet another essay for my course. We could choose any topic we liked about the publishing industry, 2000 words. Of course I chose independent publishing. I was always going to. It is my dream and passion and something weird and exciting that has intrigued me since I started this course (BA in creative and professional writing for those who have just joined us).

I knew they were nice people, of course, however when I sent out interview questions to independent publishers I did not expect the response I got back. Nearly every publisher I emailed replied back, and of those emails every single one was detailed and carefully thought out. They had taken time out of their busy schedules to actually email some student who had no idea what they were talking about. How lovely is that?
I have learnt from my answers that yes, they truly do relish in the fact that they get to choose their books on what merits they see fit. They will publish a book if they think it is really worthwhile even if they know in their hearts that they do not have the money to market it well and they will not sell many copies or make a profit. Many of them have niches that they want to fill, they have seen a void somewhere in the industry and felt something was lacking that they could fill. I really respect this initiative and determination, especially in these hard economic times. It really does require grit and passion in equal amounts. I have also learnt that it is most definitely an industry I want to go into. I have been inspired, I want to find the best books, I want to find the books the world needs to read, the ones that will change things.

I thought I would let you all know which publishers were especially kind to me in their quick and detailed reply. I know this will hardly make a difference but if some of you go check out just one of them, then you might find something amazing, and I am sure they will welcome you to their readerships with open arms.

Mothers Milk Books
Pewter Rose Press
Dagda Publishing
Publishing Genius Press
OR Books
Akashic Books

Each of those are links, so feel free to go check them out. They publish a wide variety of things you have never even imagined so you might stumble across a little gem of a piece, and I hope you do because I know I did!

Happy reading,

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