a Brighton night

a Brighton night

on a salty dark night
in Brighton on New Year’s Eve
a culmination of events
had lead me to this moment
dress hitched up
ankle deep
pissing in the sea

I look at my best friend next to me
a mirror reflection
except taller
she is balanced precariously
on her own two feet
doing the same
as me

revelations held
over toffee vodka shots
had drawn us closer together
earlier in the evening
and we now knew
a lot more
than we wanted to

however this is not what lead us to our current predicament
oh no
it was the fact that every time
we are together
we revert back to who we were

and everything we go through
everything the cosmos flings our way
will shape us into the beings we are and will be
and on a night like this
I can see the truth in the inky sky
but the alcohol in my system will cause me to forget
and again

but maybe one day I will drunkenly scrawl my thoughts
in my favourite plum lip liner
on a serviette I find on the pier
and in the morning I will remember
I am not only those things I have over come
but I have to include the disgusting and revolting
and be balanced
but be proud

because it brought me here
right here right now
to the friends I love
and the life I have
and I had a damned good story
and I know you all had a
damned good laugh too

by Kimberly Jamison

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