Independent Publishing… Help!

One of my modules on the BA Creative and Professional Writing course requires me to write a research essay about publishing on the topic of my choice. I have chosen to do the advantages and disadvantages of independent publishing in the current publishing environment. I chose to do this topic because I really prefer the independent publishing market, and am interested in pursuing a career there one day, so thought as I have to research something I’ll do the thing I am passionate about!

I would like to hear about experiences of publishers, so if anyone happens to be one, or knows one, then please feel free to come have a chat!
These were my begin with.
Now, my readers by now know how much I value their opinion so even if you are not a publisher, if you have an opinion that is strong enough to want to share, please do so in my comments or email me at

1) What do you think the advantages are for you being an independent publisher rather than traditional?

and 2) Have you faced any major challenges being independent ? For example, maybe with competition with traditional publishers, marketing books, or staying afloat in the economic climate.

Feel free to think and debate and write. I need the opinions for my research.

Thank you my lovely readers!


One thought on “Independent Publishing… Help!

  1. I don’t have any experience with publishing (self or otherwise) like at all. but what is the difference really, is one considered a sell out? I’m just curious, it seems like it’s a big deal and you’re passionate about it but I don’t get why…

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