So I got a poetry commendation and it’ll be published!

This will be my third poem published, but this time it is at a proper poetry publisher, a small independent press called Mothers Milk Books. I can’t wait. I did not expect this at all. We had to submit things for a coursework piece and talk about the experiance. Well I guess this is an experience!

The book should be out in Autumn apparently. I’d love to see it now to be honest.

The judge of the poetry, Angela Topping, said “‘Troubled Mother’ addresses that anxiety beautifully.The rhyme words act as a comfort as the speaker tells the mother not to worry, pointing out all the good things about the son, and the wisdom of allowing him to make his own mistakes, trusting in the upbringing he has had.[i]

Please please go check out Mother’s Milk Books. They do some amazing things and publish some amazing work, and all for a brilliant cause. It is lovely and beautiful. The website is and the editor is Dr Teika Bellamy.

Happy reading (and writing)


[i] ANGELA TOPPING “ (Teika Bellamy’s blog on Mothers Milk Books -please contact me if you have any issues with copyright or referencing your work, I am more than willing to help or fix the situation.

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