Feeling productive: anthology update

Today we went to go see the art students to try and get them on board with our anthology project. We really want to inspire a sense of community between the courses in the School of Education. If this is going to be a showcase for our writing work, why not make it a showcase for their art as well! We want a competition for the cover as well. They should stand out and let the world see that they are amazing, because I really think they are.

A few were dubious at first, but we managed to persuade many of them and made them seem quite excited. I think they appreciated that fact we went to go see them in person, we made that effort. We explained the formalities like the deadlines and I think we managed to persuade a few to be our art critics when we come to the submission sorting process.

I seriously can not wait. I guess I will be blogging more and more about the anthology as more is happening right now since we got our funding. Everything is kicking off. Thankfully!
I also did some interview days for the University this week. I was talking to the potential students and giving them advice and trying to actually get them to choose Nottingham. They are all being interviewed for the course, so at least I knew where to start from. I think I managed to change someone’s mind from one University to mine! HAHA! Stealing students! The fact I help run this anthology made them see I was quite involved and enthusiastic and as one of my tutors once said “a name to know on the course” so I think they understood they could trust me. I really hope they all did as well as they could. It is such a competitive year. 150 for 15 places! Usually it is 10% admission. It makes me feel special.

Last night I also submitted my Professional Commercial Writing coursework. Copy editing and copy writing basically. I already knew quite a lot about the copy writing from my freelance jobs, but it was still hard applying it to the different types of briefs he wanted. The copy editing was on another level.  I’m just pleased I can usually spot things. Still, it was my favourite module so I hope I do well.

Happy writing,


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