Networking at the Writers Studio…

Hello my lovelies,

Yesterday night I was invited to the Nottingham Writers Studio social. I am not a member yet, I will be soon though! Many of my tutors belong to it and one of them is on the board, hence she invited me and my friend when we expressed our interest.
I can’t believe how good the evening was. I got to talk to many different interesting people, I got to listen to Robert Hann talk about the new edition of his new book SAS Operation Galia, which is an amazing true story. I talked to other writers who I’d never met and saw some old faces as well.
The night was such a success. I’m hopefully going to be talking to some of the writers about work experience and mentoring schemes soon!
This is why you should network. Not only do you meet extremely interesting people, but you might find hidden opportunities. Many people have commented on how ambitious I am lately, and one slightly annoying person called me ruthless. I am not ruthless, I just believe in seizing any chance I can get.
Life doesn’t owe me anything. I will take every opportunity I can and I will get the most out of everything (and have a bloody good time doing so as well.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little follow up to my previous post about How To Network, I hope this has served as a good personal experience and will drive someone somewhere forward just a little bit more.


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