Found a little gem of a book


Writing, the story of alphabets and scripts.

I went with a friend to Five Leaves Book Shop, an independent book shop from Five Leaves publishers. It is situated in Nottingham city centre and I urge you all to check it out if you are around the area. We all need to support these independent shops as well as book shops in general.

It has all sorts of things you will not find in mainstream book shops as well as some of the popular things you will.

I especially liked the translated section of the book shop. It had great variety and it was full of things I had looked for and not been able to find in high street stores.

I looked around and on the bottom of the writing shelf I saw this little gem. It is essentially the history of writing itself. I started reading it yesterday after tea and finished it this morning. It was so interesting and written in an easy reading manner. I love finding out about different alphabets and the way it linked the evolution of different scripts to the anthropological side of our history was fascinating.

The fact I read it so quickly is a testament to that as I am usually a fiction sort of woman.

I looked up the series and found they had more titles such as numbers, ciphers, Celts and volcanoes and many many more but I think my next buy shall be the one about Vikings. I’ve always found them interesting and since our family is descended from those Norse invaders it is quite appropriate.


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