Small Sherlock review- series 3, two thirds in.

So we are two episodes into the three episode third series of Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the best things to happen to the Sherlock Holmes franchise. I think he makes a great modern day Sherlock. Elusive and cold and witty and quick, he portrays the classic Holmes qualities well.

Martin Freeman as Dr Watson is a great match as well. He is warm and friendly but also has a gift for powerful lines and deep thought. They are a great pair.

A very undervalued member of the cast I think is Rupert Graves who plays Greg Lestrade. I think he is a gem in the Sherlock cast. I don’t think he gets enough credit. He is brilliant as Lestrade and completely fills the character and adds extra dimensions to the character that I read about when I was little.

The moment he realised Sherlock was alive, insulted him then gave him a hug in ep 1 s3 was lovely and funny at the same time.

Anyway, so far in series three Sherlock is back and Watson is married and Mollie is with a kind of Sherlock clone who isn’t a ‘sociopath.’

I don’t think the third series has matched the first two so far. The first two had me biting my nails, laughing and crying, and pausing the tv so I could have the extra time to think about who did it.

Although the third series has been funny and witty and had some lovely character moments, I think the essential element of Sherlock has been missing. The mystery.

As this series has been very character focused, the mystery in each episode hasn’t been on par. In fact I’d say there wasn’t an actual mystery in the first episode of series 3. The mystery of Sherlocks survival was left ambiguous and there was nothing else to tie the episode together.
I believed it was forgivable as they needed to bring him back.

The second episode in my opinion was better. Sherlock was his usual self again, cold and witty but essentially he did care in the end. However again I felt disappointed at the mystery element. It was very wedding focused and the mystery seemed like a subplot.

I would like to point out I still loved both the episodes. I thought they were still clever and still captivating. However I really want the last episode to make me say “wow,” just like the previous two series did.


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