So it is a brand spanking new year and this is the time people traditionally make new resolutions. I personally believe you should make new resolutions all year long as and when you need to.

However, in the spirit of my blog, and the fact I haven’t posted in a while, I thought I’d share some of my kost recent ones.

Things I want to do this year:

1) Finally get rid of the ‘friends’ who keep dragging me down. I have some brilliant friends and some ‘friends’ who frankly by calling them friends I’m insulting my true ones.

2) Be more positive. I need to stop looking at the dark side of things.

3) Finish my novel. Self explanatory.

4) Finish the short story collection I have started.

5) Get high grades at university.

6) Be a better friend.

7) Lose weight. I need to stop piling on the chub chub.

8) Finish looking for houses. Such fun that. I hate house hunting. Ew student houses. Eurgh.

9) Win some form of poetry/ short story competition. Please. Pretty please.

10) Finish Game of Thrones dvds.

11) Read 100 books.

12) Write 100 poems.

13) Be a better person all round.

I might add to this later.


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