Mayhem! Nottingham Writers’ Studio event

Well, last night I went to the Nottingham Writer’s Studio and Mayhem Film Festival’s horror storytelling event. It comprised of lots of readings of scary stories as well as an interactive competition.

It was held at the Broadway independent cinema. We sat in the café and listened to all of the authors read their work and quite frankly it was a lovely evening. Every story was brilliant and chilling and the authors read their pieces extremely well. I hope I can match their ability one day.

The evening was hosted by Nicola Valentine, Nottingham based author as well as my head tutor at the Creative and Professional Writing course at the University of Nottingham. Some of the people who read were Lisa Shipman, Angela Foxwood, Pippa Hennessy, Megan Taylor and Pete Davis. I’m proud to say I knew most of the faces there due to being on my course. Many of them had either been on the course themselves or taught on it- or both!

Personally I found it really nice to see some of my tutors work. We get taught by them so it was nice to see them put what they teach us into practice. I truly believe that I am on the right course for me because of this sort of event. It has filled me with confidence about the city of Nottingham’s writing culture, the opportunities and the people in it.

I really hope to join the Nottingham Writers’ Studio sometime soon. I just need to get together the money for the membership fee.

All in all, successful. I am suitably inspired and feel I can continue on with NaNoWriMo for at least a little bit longer now.


P.S. you know they were good as when I took a shortcut home across the park, I got spooked by a BENCH. Scary stuff.

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