So you know I’m trying to be a writer…

I now get paid for writing!

Somehow, I landed a part time job copywriting. I write online adverts for a website. How exciting is that?! The best part is because have been rejected from every other job that I have applied for, this is my first ever job. How many people can say that their first job was what they actually wanted to do?

The hours are great. The pay is great. I can now have a “previous employer.” I will now have experience in advertising. And I can say my favourite thing ever… TECHNICALLY A PROFESSIONAL WRITER!

I sent off my first advertisements today. They should be up around Monday or Tuesday and I’ll definitely be posting a link here.

This might sound as soppy as a puppy, but if you just go for things and believe in yourself, you can do it! I’m the biggest failure I know and I have just managed to get on the first step of the ladder to the rest of my career. I am so unbelievably excited and I wish absolutely everyone luck in everything they do, especially if it is career related, because when the hard work pays off- it is brill.

Lots of love to my supportive followers,

blogger and new copywriter,

Kim xxxxx

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