Canal Front Life.

I live on the canal front, in Nottingham. My bedroom is the only bedroom with the view of it. I can spend hours just watching things go on outside my window.
Today, there were people kayaking. But not just normal kayaking, they seemed to be playing a version of football in the water while rowing down the canal. It was brilliant. I couldn’t tell who was on who’s team, but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. (If there is actually a name for this weird sport, please tell me.)

Then there were the barges going past. Some were really modern and some were really old and traditional. They were the most beautiful boats I have ever seen. Most of them, surprisingly, had pet dogs. One couple had their black Labrador jump into the canal and swim along side the boat. It was really cute. They didn’t seem to mind until he shook himself dry a bit too near to them.

Then there was all of the wildlife. There was a family of swans that quite frequently swim up and down and they made an appearance today, minus one little one. I really hope he is okay. I’m saying he, I don’t know.
There are loads of ducks as well, and I didn’t know ducks could fight but their were two Mallards who seemed to really hate each other. Pecking, squawking, all sorts. Nasty stuff.

Considering I’m a writer, I think this house is going to offer me a lot of material to write about.


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