SSH I’m meant to be working OR Tea: the gateway drink


Well I am currently sitting in my university library in amongst loads of hard working people. I’m doing this post on my phone pretending I’m looking something up and that I’m also hard working. I feel like someone will spot me as a phoney at any minute.

Anyway, today’s topic is caffeine. I am a self confessed tea addict. I forgo milk in my tea just so I can have just that little bit more tea. I leave the bag in for ages so it is really really strong.

The problem is, recently, my 15 cup a day habit (double the recommend maximum) just isn’t satisfying anymore.

Over the past few days I have been drinking the odd cup of… coffee. I know, I’m a traitor. I started eith the easy mocha and today I decided to skip a few steps and go straight for a double shot espresso and milk starbucks can thing.

This is why I’m sitting in the library unable to work. I’m hyperactive anyway, this has made my condition worse snd I just can’t concentrate.

Tea: it’s a gateway drink people.

I’m sure I’ll be fine with a few glasses of water. However I have learnt my lesson. I’m just sitting here bubbling and fizzing away while the caffeine makes be way too alert to be normal. Gah. I have a seminar soon, this will be interesting considering I can’t write properly as my hands are shaking. (I’m using the predictive on my phone-galaxy note 2, maybe I’ll review it sometime. )

I’ll have to let you go. My friend A.M. has looked up from her work and I don’t want her realising I’m hyped up on caffeine. This could be embarrassing. I’ll report back later.


P.s: don’t do drugs. Ever. This is the only time I’ll ever be serious kids.

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