The Rainbow- D.H. Lawrence

Don’t you love it when you find an unexpected little gem? I have obviously heard of D. H. Lawrence but I’d never thought to read any of his work. As a Creative and Professional Writing student that is pretty shocking, to be frank, Anyway, in class we read an excerpt from it and had to adapt it into a screen play for part of one of our portfolios.
I WAS AMAZED. We read the part about Ursula beating the child and the mother comes in to see her and the headmaster. I can’t even express how good it was. It captured the essence of boarding schools perfectly. It was grim, the characters were so believable and interacted with each other so realistically, I thought I had traveled back in time.
My old school and sixth form used to be a board school, so maybe I have the benefit of knowing what they look like from the inside and knowing how cold and bleak they can be, but still.
The rest of the book, which I bought soon after from my ever used, is superb. Ursula is an amazing character. I think she is one of those characters you either like or you hate. She is a tad stuck up but I can deal with that.
I know many people don’t like D.H. Lawrence, some bits can get weird/intense pretty quickly, but I still think his literary skill is brilliant. If you haven’t read any of his work, get on it because you are missing out! Even if you hate him, you’ll realise his skill.

On another note, guess who finished their coursework in time? MEEEEEE. So happy happy happy. No more coursework until Easter now. Woohoo!

More time for reading…


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