I got my book journal today!

It is called, “The Book Lover’s Journal.” I ordered it off Amazon and it is so so so good. There are loads of pages for the books. There is a standard Author, Publisher, Number of pages, Genre, Subject, bit.

There is also a section where you can mark out of ten characters, pace, ease of reading, plot etc. It is really precise and there is a lot of room to write things in. Then you get a page for notes about it and an overall rating bit where you can colour in these five blank stars according to your verdict. It isn’t in alphabetical order, which I like because then you don’t have wasted pages. There is also a contents at the beginning to continue adding to as you add more books to your journal so you can find your favourite reviews even though it isn’t alphabetical.

I really recommend this if you want a book journal. It is FAB. There is an elastic band thing around it as well, so if you want to stick reciepts or extra notes in there as well, you can and they won’t fall out.

I think it is brill and I can’t wait to read more stuff just to add things in. I think it’ll be really useful as well for you writing or english students. You could buy one and keep track of all the book you should be reading as a part of your course or degree. At 10 quid, I think the value of it is a bargain.

I know I’ll be buying a second one for my course!


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