The house hunting student venture

The time has come for students all over the country to make rash decisions about who they want to live with next year even though they have only known their prospective housemates for mere months. This is obviously going to end well.

I too have had my ups and downs choosing. People left the course, people moved houses, yadda yadda yarrr. However, I am extremely happy, now, about who I am going to be living with. I believe it has all worked out for the best.

We begun our house hunt in full force. We had nets, and house traps and… no, ok. We used the internet. A lot. This is a very unreliable way to find a house, I think. The landlords didn’t recieve the emails, or then recieved them late or didn’t bother to email us back. We phoned, but it is really hard to commit to a place to live over the phone. When we finally found the house we adored some other ungrateful annoying mean stupid students signed for it before we got a chance to. That was annoying.

Then. Then we found a lovely little house. With a lovely landlord. In a lovely SAFE street. (Yay, no more walking down Faraday Road in the dark with random crazy people following you.) It is brilliant. We are going to sign it soon, she has given us the contracts and asked for the deposit.

Now, this was after loads of phone calls to her. We had to rearrange the house viewings multiple times for various different reasons. However, I think we both got a sense of eachother and established a connection over the phone. No, I don’t think we are going to be the best of friends ever, but I think she did secretly want us to say we wanted the house, and we did.

The moral of this, I guess, is actually a two parter. 1) Nothing beats the personal touch. Have a  chat with your potential landlord, get to know them. They will be more likely to like you and trust you and actually save the house for you. 2) Things go wrong. We had so many rearrangements. A new housemate. Different houses being signed before we could have a chance to, etc. However, it was fine in the end. For us, anyway.

If anyone else out there is in the same position, then good luck. I know it is horrible and stressful but when it works out fine (and it will) it is really exciting and to be honest I can’t wait for next year. A house not halls! Bliss. Oh, and did I mention it was a beautiful canal side view?


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